Sleek Dashboard

The sleek dashboard displays all your data together and get the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions. Sales reps and management can quickly and easily see a real time view of every deal & activity and it's related summary.

Saarif CRM Dashboard
Saarif CRM Sales Pipeline -

Sales Pipeline

With an easy drag & drop interface, you can view & manage all your deals in different stages in your pipeline. Converting deal to the next stage can be done with a simple drag & drop.


Sales are the lifeline of any business, and profitable sales are the starting point towards generating revenue. No cash means no business. With Saarif CRM, the sales team can track activities and customer interactions. This allows you to measure your reps’ progress.

Saarif CRM Activities -
Saarif CRM Web Forms -

Web Forms

Create online forms, surveys, invitations and more with a drag and drop interface. No coding knowledge is needed. All forms can be embedded easily in any web page by pasting the provided HTML code. Track views, submissions, referrals, geographic data, abandonment rates & any other conversion-critical information of your forms performance.


Create professional quotes within minutes. The system generates a thorough quote ready to be submitted to clients via the powerful built-in email correspondence tool. Sales reps will receive instant notifications when clients view quotes, accept, decline, or request a price revision. With this, the sales rep is kept up-to-date with what is taking place, and can respond promptly.

Saarif CRM Sales Quotations -
Saarif CRM Sales Orders -

Sales Orders

Create and send sales orders to clients using the built-in emailing tool. Sales reps will receive instant notifications when clients view the order, accept, or request a price revision. This will ensure sales reps are kept in the loop and can speed up the process of closing a deal.


Saarif CRM allows you to send out professional invoices with the click of a button. Sales reps will receive instant notifications when clients view or accept the invoice. Invoices can also be added to Quickbooks online with a single click.

Saarif CRM Invoicing -
Saarif CRM Messaging -


Sales reps and teams can communicate within Saarif CRM easily and directly, no need to use external tools. Every sales rep will be instantly notified of any sent messages, and can respond, and address matters as quickly as possible. Time is money, and this will save you both.

Web Based

Saarif CRM is a web-based platform used online via a web browser. There is no need to install or download any software, or worry about upgrades. Work worry free and allow the Saarif team to handle the background issues prevalent in traditional software.

Saarif CRM Web Based Platform-
Saarif CRM Unlimited Data -

Unlimited Data

With Saarif CRM, companies are allocated unlimited access to input contacts (organizations and individuals), deals, tasks, future plans, sales reports, quotes, purchase orders, and invoices.

Note : Data limitations apply on the Free & Plus Plan.

Private and Secure

The security of personal and company information, as well as clients’ information is our top priority. Saarif CRM protects information with a secure, encrypted connection (SSL) on all pages where personal data is stored and exchanged. It is a safe and secure environment whenever and wherever an account is used to access the platform and its data.

Saarif CRM Security -
Saarif CRM 24/7 Support -

Technical Support

Technical Support is our top priority. All issues will be addressed in less than 24 hours of submission.

Implementations and Updates

Saarif implementation is instant, and your sales reps will need little to no time on-boarding. All of platform updates are done automatically by us, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Saarif CRM -