Why Saarif CRM?

Your sales teams have a lot on their plate, let Saarif CRM automate the sales process so they can close deals faster- as simple as that. Say goodbye to busy work.

How can you access Saarif CRM?

Our platform can be accessed through the web, or on any mobile device. We've made it easy for you to access your data at any time and in any place, whether you're in the office or on the go.

What if you have questions about our platform?

We love questions. Email us at support@saarif.com any time and our excellent customer success team will be there to help.

Will I be billed once I sign up?

Absolutely not. You don’t even have to enter your credit card details to try Saarif CRM.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan from within your account at any time.

What is meant by unlimited?

Our Premium plan allow you to send as many quotes, PO and invoices as you’d like.

Will there be any updates to our platform?

You bet. We are at the cutting edge of technology, and make frequent updates to our software. We'll do all the work and the updates will take place automatically. Just sit back and enjoy the new features and functions that tomorrow has to offer.

Are there different tiers of employee access in our platform?

Yes, we offer different tiers of access and approvals for your sales force. Your management will have visibility to your overall pipeline and sales rep’s activities. This will motivate your sales reps to generate more revenue.

Will we give you any reminders?

Yes, we built a platform around the idea of automation, and we'll never let you forget a meeting, call, task, etc. Saarif CRM has your back!

How long does our free trial last?

At Saarif CRM we offer a 14 days free trial to ensure that we are the right fit for your company. Simply sign up, and use this time to test out how much of a difference our platform can make for your company. If necessary to ensure a perfect fit, take another 7 days to test us out.

How long does it take to on-board and train Sales Reps to use our CRM?

After gaining access to our platform, your sales teams can start using it immediately. The platform is designed to be intuitive, so not much time will be spent on-boarding.

Does our platform allow Sales reps/teams to collaborate inside Saarif CRM?

Yes, we have created an environment where your sales reps/teams can collaborate all within our platform. Don't worry about having to use other communications mediums such as email, phone, or fax to get in touch with your co-workers.

How long does it take to implement our platform?

Our implementation is instant, and you can get to work within 1 minute.

Can our CRM be scaled as you add more reps to your sales force?

Yes, we'd love to grow with you. Just give us a virtual wave, and we'll expand your current plan. It’s as easy as that.

Is the data inside of our platform secured?

Yes, all communication to and from our servers is protected by 256-bit SSL security (the same as online banks), no matter what device you're on.